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【💠用家見證- 嬰兒先天心臟手術後修復】


What’s a great testimony to share:

I stop posting and upload the Nefful products after I gave birth to my baby Ethern as he needs a lot of attention. Most of my friends know that I’m busy with my 3 princes at home as need to cook, get them ready to school and also taking care of an infant. It is not easier as I do not have any maid for assistance but it is a challenging work. Sometimes my husband will go for outstation and I need to handle all of them by myself.

Today we have heart follow up check-up for my little prince. Dr said everything is fine and the hole in the heart had closed up . Hooray we do not need further follow up for the heart anymore.

I had purchased a pair of Nefful pillow case made by blanket material, singlet and scarfs. My friend Grace Chong recommend to me when she got to know my baby condition. We tried to swaddled him with scarfs when he is still small. Today I still use the pillow case as his bedsheet and blanket. I also let him wear the singlet day and night. I’m so thankful that it actually helps him to recover fast and the hole closed up very fast.

Thanks to GOD for everything and today He answer my prayers.

—- 免責聲明:以上陳述絕非用作診斷、治療、醫療或預防任何疾病

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